Friday, January 13, 2017

Big Book of Colours by Usborne Publishing

Here's another gem of Usborne Publishing.

It takes you on a colourful journey where your child will learn colours and distinguish among a variety of shades. Turn the colour wheel to see which colours complement each other, have fun with a see through page to see how colours blend, and learn about the meaning of colours. English language learners will also have an opportunity to learn some colour related idioms. 

How good are you at distinguishing colour shades? Here's a quick test. 
Are these shades of green, blue, or red?
* Cerulean         * Viridian         * Cerise

Here are some sample pages for you to look at. 

A picture without a see-through page
Same picture with a see-through page
If you're interested in purchasing the book or getting to know more Usborne books, feel welcome to join my Facebook group.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Variety of Mazes

Mazes are first of all fun activities, my daughter got interested in them as she turned two. She loved helping animals find their way home. Still there's more than just fun, mazes develop and exercise kids' problem-solving abilities. Children learn by trial and error as they try to find the exit out of the maze. They also develop their fine motor skills, practise pencil control, and retain the grip. Mazes are ideal for all kinds of travelling, take some printable mazes with you on a plane or tram, and your child be occupied.

There're loads of free printable handouts online, but there're also some unconventional mazes you might be interested in. Some time ago we made a Jenga blocks maze and a Lego maze. And that was a blast! While she walked her fingers through a Lego maze, she was walking herself through a Jenga blocks maze. She felt that she was inserted in that 3D labyrinth and she was stepping carefully in order not to break the wooden maze.


Later on we got engaged into paper-based mazes. Usborne publisher offers some of them. We started off with My First Maze Book and moved on to the Wipe-Clean Mazes. While in the first book my daughter was just moving her finger along the lines, in the Wipe-Clean book she was doing this with a marker. Both books are great in the way that each page offers a new setting and a new character for children to help. I'd say that My First Maze Book will be suitable for 2+ year old children, while the Wipe-Clean Maze book  is more for 3+ year-olds. Christmas Maze Book is quite challenging, I'd give it to kids who already turned 5.

* The images are taken from website.

With mazes you can also practise all possible vocabulary and giving directions, you can also describe the pictures and write stories. The possibilities are endless!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pull-back Busy Car Book by Usborne Publishing

Today's book review is for Pull-back Busy Car Book by Usborne Publishing. It's a thick robust book with a toy car that goes along its carved tracks. There're four tracks which will take you on a journey through the town and countryside, along the motorway, and all the way up to the seaside.

Besides the fun, this book offers plenty of learning opportunities. If you teach your child English, you can present her vocabulary related to places (town/city, countryside, roads, shopping area, playground, picnic park, seaside), transport (van, double-decker, truck, car, traffic jam, road works, filling station), and the present continuous tense.
The book can also be used to develop children's ability to spot things in a busy setting, to practise giving directions, or to make up stories

By following this link you can look inside the book to find out if this is what you need. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Платья ночью отдыхают

Маргарита очень любила платья, она носила их круглый год 7 дней в неделю. Платья были ее друзьями, вместе они делали все: танцевали, катались с горки, рисовали красками и ползали под кроватью в поисках сокровищ. Снимала она их только на ночь, чтобы переодеться в пижаму.

Однажды Маргарите подарили такое красивое платье, что оно сразу стало ее самым любимым. День в этом платье пролетел быстрее обычного и, когда пришла пора ложиться спать, Маргарита не захотела с ним расставаться. Так и легла в нем. 

Проснувшись рано утром, она помчалась к игрушкам, как вдруг заметила, что любимое платье было мятым. Оно грустно висело на Маргарите и не проявляло никакого интереса к тому, что делала девочка. 

 - Платье, что случилось? Ты заболело? - встревожилась Маргарита. 
 - Нет, - пробормотало платье. - Я просто плохо спало. 
 - Но почему? 
 - Странный вопрос, - раздраженно хмыкнуло платье. - Разве ты не знаешь, что мы, платья, ночью спим на вешалке. 
 - Что же делать? Ведь мне так хочется носить платье и днем и ночью! - сказала Маргарита. 
 - Все очень просто! Есть платья, в которых играют днем, а есть такие, в которых спят ночью. 
 - Ну конечно же! Как я сразу не догадалась! - обрадовалась Маргарита. 
 - Отдыхай, - сказала она, вешая платье на вешалку и разглаживая на нем все складочки. 

С тех пор платья Маргариты всегда отдыхали ночью, ведь перед сном она переодевалась в ... ночную сорочку.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ALPHA BLOCK by Christopher Franceschelli

Today we are going to review the book called Alpha Block by Christopher Franceschelli. The key focus of the book is the alphabet. 'Oh, no, another alphabet book', some of you may think. Yes, another, but one of its kind. This book is absolutely irresistable. Once you pick it and start flipping through the pages, you'll never be able to put it down. Why not? Because of its original design.

Each letter page is cut into the shape of the letter and is accompanied by a word starting with this letter. If you turn to letter C, you can see some flour, sugar, a rolling pin, and some chocolate chips, all hinting that out of these ingredients you can make Cookies, which are seen through the curves of letter C. Letter R, for example, is accompanied by the images of the sun, clouds, and rain, all pointing that there will be a Rainbow in a instant. Turn over the page and... here's the rainbow!


Such design allows to play a guessing game, in which kids guess the whole object by its part. Because this is the situation in which pictures say more than words, I'll include a couple of other illustrations for you.


And although, even in this book, A is still for Apple, and D is for Dog, its design and layout will delight both parents and children.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Naughty Henry by Rod Campbell

What does your pet do when left at home for the whole day? Rod Campbell's book "NaughtyHenry" reveals the secret. Henry the dog, for example, is involved in all sorts of things. He plays with a cat, tries to open the door that prevents him from going for a walk, pulls a tablecloth to see what's on the table, and makes puddles on the floor because there's nobody to take him out. Although many of you would consider Henry naughty, for him these are just natural things to do when he is bored. However, no matter how much mess he does, you wouldn't be angry with him, for how sweet he wags his tail when he sees you.

Naughty Henry by Rod Campbell is a pull-the tab board book targeted at children aged 2-6. Once you teach your child how to pull the tabs, she/he will eagerly do it herself/himself letting you have a cup of coffee in piece and quiet.

Before you hand the book to your children, make sure they know how to handle it because some parts of the book can easily get torn. Our daughter's friend, for instance, brought some damage to the book, as she was pulling Henry's parts of the body, but not tabs!

All in all, it is an enjoyable story in an original format that will engross both children and parents.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sorry For Delay

Dear readers,

My daughter has been ill for a couple of days, that's why we didn't have a possibility to neither review a new book, nor create and test a set of activities for it. I hope we'll catch up next week.

Meanwhile, if you have a book you want us to review or to create book-based games, feel welcome to contact us at

Kind regards,